Rigit provides a full range of rigging services


Regular checks of mast, spars, standing and running rigging are essential for efficient – and safe – yacht performance.

Rigging bends and flexes in use and will suffer metal fatigue over time, leading to eventual failure. Areas particularly prone are where wires enter their terminals, at the screw thread root in turnbuckles and where a limitation of good articulation occurs.

Poor articulation in both rod and wire rigging can lead to a shorter working lifespan than predicted, so it should never be assumed that the often quoted '10-year' rigging rule applies to every yacht. Each design and setup is different in its geometry and components.

Rigit's standard rig inspection service is a visual check of everything above deck: after spending some time on board our professionals will have everything they need to prepare a written report.

Based on a working knowledge and wide experience of mast terminations, rigging components and geometry, our experts can identify any problems and give recommendations for improvement or replacement.

Raising (stepping) or lowering (unstepping) a mast for maintenance or replacement requires great care to avoid damage to the mast itself or potential disaster to the yacht if it drops. Our riggers are skilled in carrying out the job safely.

Recommissioning a mast that has been newly stepped requires specialist knowledge to get the appropriate stay tensions to induce the correct amount of mast pre-bend. Too much or too little rig tension will not only affect yacht performance but also compromise safety, especially in challenging sailing conditions.

Your yacht’s rig – a combination of mast, boom, standing and running rigging and other equipment – needs to be tuned to work in harmony to create the optimum for performance, handling and safe operation. Rigit’s professionals are experts in the rig-tuning field and will ensure yours is performing at its very best.

Buying a new boat? Rigit can advise on any areas which may need improvement or work before you buy. This could save you from unwanted surprise bills later on, or may allow room for negotiation over price. Forewarned is forearmed.

Wire strand rigging is well proven, cost effective and still the best choice for many owners, while rod systems benefit from lower weight aloft and decreased windage, offering better overall performance. Fibre – specifically PBO and Kevlar-based rigs – offer a massive weight saving over both wire and rod systems and can work exceptionally well, but understanding of the material by your rigger is vital. Rigit's professionals have a wealth of experience in all types of rigging and are happy to advise on the best system for you and your boat.

Rigit’s professionals can inspect originals, and supply and install all the new ropes required for efficient running of a yacht. Services include making the correct types of splice required for reliable joining of modern braided and multi-cored ropes in various materials, as well as rope terminals to prevent fraying. We can also provide custom ropes for specific applications if they’re not available from our extensive standard range.

A top-quality furling system will transform sail handing whether you’re blue-water cruising, sailing short-handed or just trying to make life easy.

Rigit can advise on suitability, and install and maintain any of the many types of headsail furling, in-mast furling and in-boom furling systems supplied by our partners.

Sailing rigs are put under huge forces when working hard at sea, and occasionally fixtures and fittings can seize, stop working or even break. Rigit offers a complete service to maintain, repair and replace masts and their fittings, booms, kicking straps (vangs) and spinnaker poles in both aluminium and carbon composite materials.

With an extensive range of blocks, cleats and swivels from the biggest brands in sailing, we can supply the best possible equipment to meet your specific sailing needs.

Our choice of product ranges are drawn from our many years of rig building experience and our extensive knowledge of all types of sailing.

Increasing use of hydraulic systems are being made on large yachts to automate heavy-duty work that might otherwise take several experienced crew to handle. Rigit are the main agents for Navtec Hydraulics and can supply a full range of hydraulic equipment including:

  • push/pull cylinders
  • hydraulic-pneumatic cylinders
  • integral pump/pull cylinders
  • pumps generating from 2,500lb to 250,000lb pressure

We have the equipment and expertise to handle all requirements for servicing, new installations and emergency repair.

The customer-led nature of the boatbuilding industry means even apparently similar yachts are rarely the same in detail. We work with yacht designers and naval architects, and then engineering and manufacturing firms to provide custom applications and finishes to suit every boat.

It’s not always practical for a yacht to be taken to the most convenient boatyard to have replacement rigging fitted. In that situation new or repaired masts and spars will have to go to the boat.

Our contacts within the world of logistics mean you can rest assured that masts and spars will be transported safely and efficiently throughout Britain and Europe.

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