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Boat Rigging

Sailors and yachtsmen across the world already rely on Rigit UK for all their boat rigging and yacht rigging needs. Boasting over 30 years of experience in the boat rigging industry and coming from a family of yacht designers, you can rely on our experience, quality and performance.

From our base in the Solent we extend our boat rigging services to the UK and the rest of the world. We don’t just stop at yacht rigging though. We provide masts, booms; furling gear, deck hardware, ropes, hydraulics and anything associated with boat rigging.

The boat rigging industry is one that is constantly evolving and changing with technology. We ensure we stay up-to-date with all the latest advances in boat rigging. What’s more is we provide both standing boat rigging and running boat rigging systems.

Not only do we suppose supply all types of boat rigging and yacht rigging, we also offer a mobile service covering the whole of the UK and Ireland. It is essential to regularly inspect your boat rigging to ensure longevity. We recommend pre-race inspections of racing yacht rigging as well as annual inspections of cruising boat rigging. Such inspections of both rod and wire boat rigging can ensure a longer lifespan. The standard boat rigging inspection is a visual inspection above-deck which includes mast terminations and associate boat rigging components. You can rest assured our boat rigging experts will identify problems and provide recommendations or replacements. If you haven’t had your boat rigging or yacht rigging inspected recently we would encourage you to contact our Solent office to book an inspection.

Our helpful team of passionate boat and yachting enthusiasts are on hand to discuss any of your boat rigging needs.

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The new rigging looks excellent and has been much admired by other owners and yard staff. Will be happy to recommend you and for any prospective customers to look at my rigging.

Stewart Owen

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